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Definitely noteworthy

This is a really interesting podcast and he does a great job telling the story in a way that’s engaging and funny. The topics are exciting and well researched. I can’t wait for more!

Great Show

Most of the episodes I have listened to always go down a deep hole that has nothing to do with the movie they are reviewing but it is still so good I can't stop listening.

Such A Great Show

Excited for each week as this podcast always delivers the entertainment!


Since it's launch the podcast has been really high quality. I enjoy the show, please keep content coming.

Thank You

This is the most healing conversation I’ve heard all of the episodes in this podcast. Just beautiful!


Beautiful. I am listening to the same episodes multiple times.

Great Hosting@

I like the conversation of the host and it's very important for listener!!

Wonderful Podcast

This podcast is wonderful, I really like how they have reoccurring guests and change it up from time to time. Makes me invested in hearing the next episode!

Great Show

I have yet to listen to an episode in which I did not laugh almost through the whole show, but with that they can get deep into some real thought provoking stuff as well.

This is one of my Favorite Podcast

Movie reviews are hard to get through for me, but this podcast keeps me listening and laughing all the way through.

Fabulous Podcast

Really enjoy the movie picks these guy pick, all over the map but so good. 5 stars!!!

Great Show

Movies are my jam, these guys deliver the goods!!!

Great Stuff

The banter between the 3 hosts keeps me listening even though they barely stay on the topic of the movie. 5 Stars.

Different Podcast

Stumbled upon this podcast and I must say that it is different than I thought it was going to be in all the best ways. Entertaining hosts that keep you engaged even if you didn't see or want to see the movie!

Great Podcast

Just found this podcast, and I can not stop listening, great info and funny host. Def recommend.

Great stuff

I always enjoy checking in on The Decision Reel podcast and hearing there latest.

Movie Maniacs!

This podcast is perfect all movie maniacs out there. The conversations are a riotously good time and are always thoughtful, warm, and inviting. Just check out their latest Halloween episode discussing the underrated weirdo movie Idle Hands to hear what I mean. You’ll immediately hit that subscribe button after you do. And you can just thank me later.

Great Information!

So much great information, everyone should give this podcast a listen!

So good!

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! If you like movies then this is a great podcast to listen to! The hosts keeps you engaged and wanting to listen to more. Check it out!

Chill and informative

I'm not really someone who likes movie reviews, but these guys just make it feel like we are sitting around shootin the sh!t and talking about movies. Can't stop listening and will recommend to anyone I can!!!!

Zero idea podcast loves getting reeled in

Awesome show with funny dudes and good chemistry. Good research is put in so you leave knowing prettttyyy much everything about the movie. Good job dudes.

So funny!

These guys are hilarious! Looking forward to more!


These guys are hilarious! - Love the movie choices - Keep it up y’all!

very good

i laughed. 10/10

So funny!

I love this!

BFA Show Approved!

These dudes are hilarious! It reminds me of when my friends and I get together and talk about WHATEVER! Keep up the great work, gentleman!

A good listening time.

Hysterical. I loved it!

Completely unbiased opinion

This is probably the greatest podcast of all time.