The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel is a weekly podcast that takes random movies chosen by a host or special guest each week and breaks them down into deep discussions that almost always go off the rails into hilarious ramblings.
Join Hosts George, Brent, Wally and Steve, as they try to stick to the script and give their knowledge on all things entertainment. 
New Episode every Tuesday.

Recent Episodes

TDR-Ep.54-Scream 2022

Jan. 18, 2022

Joined by Trav and Jess from Whats your least Favorite Scary Movie, this week we take a look at the brand new Scream movie that just hit theatres. Does this new addition to the series reinvent the franchise or does it play …

TDR-Ep.53-Wedding Crashers

Jan. 11, 2022

Listen in this week as we talk about the easily quotable and crazy that it can be called a classic at this point, movie with Wedding Crashers. Brent, Steve and George are here this week as Wally sits this one out. What do yo…


Jan. 5, 2022

Vinny is back for the first episode of the year, and this week he picked a movie that I am pretty sure everyone has forgot about with Jack! Man what a movie, it makes you go through the emotions. Listen in to hear what all …

TDR-Ep.51-Away We Go

Dec. 28, 2021

At the eleventh hour George threw us a nasty curve ball and changed his pick. This week we review the 2009 movie Away we go. None of us had any idea what we were in for and this review surprisingly stays on the rails as we …

TDR-Ep.50-Die Hard

Dec. 21, 2021

Listen in this week for our special 50th episode, that just so happens to be our Christmas episode as well, and what better way to convince everyone out there, including George that Die Hard is.....or isn't a Christmas movie…

TDR-Ep.49-Home Alone

Dec. 14, 2021

With it being the Christmas time of year, there was no way that one of us was not going to pick Home Alone. Listen in as we try hard to actually review the movie we picked this week. I swear we do talk for a good bit about…

TDR-Ep.48-Just Friends

Dec. 7, 2021

The rails have officially come off as Wally joins as a regular host and wonders what in the f*ck did he get himself into. Vinny is back as a guest for the first week of the month with Just Friends. This one is a laugh a mi…

TDR-Ep.47-Mean Girls

Nov. 30, 2021

We got a doozy of an episode this week! We are joined by special guests Tara from the band Nightcap, and George's main squeeze Kelci as we take a super deep dive into Mean Girls, or maybe a deep dive into things surround the…

TDR-Ep.46-Happy Gilmore

Nov. 23, 2021

Vinny is here to fill in for Brent this week since he is off for vacation and we take a wild turn from talking about Happy Gilmore to Taylor Swift? Listen in to find out how the f*ck we can go on such random tangents that ma…


Nov. 16, 2021

This week we are in the Christmas Spirit with this modern take on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Frank Cross (Bill Murray) is a wildly successful television executive whose cold ambition and curmudgeonly nature has dr…