The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel is a weekly podcast that takes random movies chosen by a host or special guest each week and breaks them down into deep discussions that almost always go off the rails into hilarious ramblings.
Join Hosts, Brent, Wally and Steve, as they try to stick to the script and give their knowledge on all things entertainment. 
New Episode every Thursday.

Recent Episodes

TDR - Ep.81 - Mars Attacks

Aug. 11, 2022

Steve, Wally and now show regular Tara break down this 90s alien invasion actor packed monstrosity from Tim Burton. Check us out on our website here at: Our Socials: Facebook:…

TDR - Ep.80 - Spaceballs

Aug. 4, 2022

Super special episode as Greg and Sean from HydraFX sit down on the big comfy couch to help us review Spaceballs. Wally is also back from his month long study session and ready to put in some work. Check us out on our webs…

TDR - Ep.79 - Iron Man 2

July 28, 2022

We continue our adventure into the MCU with Iron Man 2. Josh is back from The Men Behind the Mitts podcast to help us take a deep dive into the world of Tony Stark! Check us out on our website here at: www.thedecisionreel.…

TDR - The Extra Reel - Super 8

July 25, 2022

With our first episode of the Extra Reel in what seems like forever, Sean from "Review it Yourself" comes on and picks this wonderfully forgettable movie, Super 8. Listen in as we attempt to break down the J J Abrams movie …

TDR - Ep.78 - Get Him to the Greek

July 21, 2022

Watch as we stroke the furry walls and smoke a Jeffery to review Get Him to the Greek!!! Check us out on our website here at: Our Socials: Facebook: Instagram: w…

TDR-Ep.77-Miss Congeniality

July 14, 2022

This week Tara from the band Nightcap finally starts her guest spot for the month and also Brent shows back up to help us look at this early 2000's Sandra Bullock Classic!!!

TDR-Ep.76-Independence Day

July 7, 2022

For America the boys go almost as independent as they can with only Steve and Randall here to review Independence Day. But you know what this episode actually gets really good real fast so don't miss out! Check us out on …

TDR-Ep.75-American Sniper

June 30, 2022

Right before the 4th of July weekend, the boys get American with American Sniper. Check us out on our website here at: Our Socials: Facebook: Instagram: www.inst…


June 23, 2022

Join the guys as we break down this very WTF inducing Stephen King fever dream of a movie. Check us out on our website here at: Our Socials: Facebook: Instagram:…

TDR0Ep. 73-She's Out of My League

June 16, 2022

Episode warning.... if you don't want to hear 3 grown dudes talk about shaving and or possible ball injuries for 30 straight minutes then this might not be the episode for you. If your excited about that then we may have the…